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Re: need some help 4l80e experts

Originally Posted by GRADYS Performance View Post
Did you have the pan off and clean it when you put the fluid in before this drain? If so what did the fluid and pan look like then?
yes i bought it from a pull a part and when i got it home i drained what fluid it had left in it and it was really dark but i dont know anything about this trans like how many miles or service history but i do know the pan had been off before and the drain plug was pretty much stripped. so i took the pan off and cleaned it really good and put a new gasket on and put new fluid in it and that is what it looked like after only putting into drive and reverse a few times but low gears 123 it would pull but when you put it into D nothing and R nothing, you could feel it try too engage and would act like it wanted to pull while idling but soon as you press the gas it would do nothing.
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