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Re: 1972 proyect... i need help with 10" rims

Originally Posted by nicoson12 View Post
Hello! i am new here, i'm from Chile and i have been reading a lot on this forum, i have a big question about the rims for my 72'... while my truck is in painting i bought 4 rims 15x10" US WHEELS SUPER SPOKE, so i want to put them all around, the problem is that here i see that most of the trucks use 8" in front and 10" in the back......

will i have issues with the 10" in the front?

Can i put disc brakes in the front with a 10"?

i am also thinking in 275/60R15 Tires all around....

Thanks guys!
Chile huh? Welcome aboard. Further evidence of Chevy truck love around the world. You asked if you could put disc brakes on the front. If your 72 is a US produced truck it should already have front disc brakes on it. If built elsewhere I have no idea. The 10" wheels should fit all around with no clearance issue with the stock ride height. If it's going to be lowered much you could have some issue. 275/60/15 tires are beefy but there is a lot of room in those fenders. You should probably carefully mount one wheel on the truck without a tire and stand back to look. That way you can visualize just how it will sit in the fenders considering the wheel back space and all.
There are lots of threads here pertaining suspension lowering, wheel and tire fitment and combinations. Use the search button and look at plenty.
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