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Re: Project O.G. - My First Ever Build

Cericd If you are still trying to decide what you want to do about the stance, braking and handling of your truck I have some ideas for you that are much less expensive than laying frame.
Ok so to get the center of gravity down a little bit and improve braking and handling you can do the following;

Go onto Cragslist do a search for 1971 chevy and there will be tons of guys selling parts for our trucks, call them up and ask them if they have the entire front suspension/steering for a 1971-72 including the crossmember.
The idea is to convert it to 1971-72 factory front disk, there's your 5-lug front end, then find a 1971-72 rear axle, or convert yours, either way, there's your 5-lug rear.
Also get a used stock 1971-72 power brake bracket, booster, master cylinder and proportioning valve that has been pulled as one unit.
If your truck didn't come stock with a sway bar you can get one from the same guys on craigslist there is two different types that will fit a 1-1/16" and a 1-1/8" the later is the heavy duty off of the 3/4 ton and is preferable, these are plentiful and wont be difficult to find.
Order a set of 2/4 drop springs which is the maximum you can lower the truck on stock spindles without the alignment being unreconcilable.
Buy a rear shock relocation kit and a front shock reinforcement kit.
You should be able to pick all this up for around half of what you would spend to buy a complete disk conversion drop kit new and this will make the truck a little more civilized and much more enjoyable to drive.
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