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Re: Project O.G. - My First Ever Build

Originally I wanted 5-lug for wheel choices so I purchased a set of new 5-lug conversion axles for the rear (not installed yet) and planned to swap the rest to 5-lug as I rebuilt the rear brakes and got discs for the front. I realize I could keep the 6-lug but if I were freshening up the entire brake system why not switch over to a 5-lug setup.

My biggest issue right now is that I find myself liking the look and styling of the 63-66 trucks more than my current truck and since I can only have one toy right now I thought since I haven't done too much with mine, maybe I should start looking into the earlier model trucks before I buy too many more parts.

Over the past couple years I have become fairly familiar with the specifics of what it takes to modify the 67-72 trucks for things like AC, pwr brakes, pwr steering, lowered ride height, etc. but I didn't know if there is a big difference in cost/difficulty when trying to add these things to a pre-67 truck.

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