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Re: 1972 Chevy Pickup Project.

Originally Posted by notsolo View Post
Modifications to the 72 dash solve anything or are you going to build a new air box in a different shape? Any way to blend the firewalls to gain extra space.
Originally Posted by thetucks View Post
my goal was to keep the 72 dash as stock looking as possible but the tahoe air box is just too wide to fit between the dash front and the firewall. If I try to blend the tahoe firewall that will just move the firewall closer to the motor and im not sure if thats possible. But thanks for the suggestion. I will definately take a look at doing that this evening. It would be a huge undertaking to try to make a new box because the tahoe has dual heat and air and it will be sweet if I can keep that in tact. I really appreciate your input. Thanks.
I kinda thought you might run in to this. There was a method to my madness,, it took quite a bit of work to blend my firewall and cab but,,, I think it was worth it! Did you already throw your floor/firewall away?
Another possibility is to get just the hvac box from and use the rest of the Tahoe system. You would have to have the high/low a/c hoses custom made to blend the two together. Might work...?
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