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Re: 1972 Chevy Pickup Project.

So Ive been doing a lot of work on the truck. I have been assembling and adjusting all the panels. Im still trying to decide what to do about the tahoe heat and air. I would really like to use it to have the dual air (that would be sweet in a 72 chevy pickup). The issue is I have already done a ton of cleaning on the firewall and id hate to cut it all up, but I may have to. The air box is too wide to fit between the interior of the firewall and the front of the dash so the firewall will have to be cut out and moved tward the engine. The other issue is that the air box is 37 inches long so it will extend all the way to where the radio, heat and air controls, etc will go so they will have to be moved somewhere else which may seem odd. I do have room to move the firewall twards the motor but im not sure if I want to do that.

Any and all opinions will be greatly apprecieated. thanks.
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