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Re: Grandpa's 72 restoration

Originally Posted by Snake72 View Post
Can anyone tell me what the yellow, blue, green, and purple wires on the engine harness attach to? I know the pink is HEI power.
Originally Posted by Joesjunk View Post
Green is temperature sending unit
Yellow and purple are starter
Don't remember what the blue one is
Joe is right, Green is water temp sender, purple to the starter, and blue is for the oil pressure sender for an electric gauge.

I'm not looking at a factory wiring diagram, but rather an American Auto Wire diagram (attached), which is supposed to be similar to the factory colors, so take this lightly, as it might not be what you need. That diagram shows a white wire going to the coil negative (TACH side of HEI unit). If you have points and a ballast resistor, the white would go to the negative side of coil & pink to ballast resistor. A wire would be connected from coil positive to other side of ballast resistor and yellow from same terminal to the R terminal of the starter. The yellow wire isn't used in the AAW harness if you have HEI.

Again, be careful as this isn't for a factory harness, so the colors may not be exactly the same.
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