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Re: 72afr's '72 Short Step

Picked up the newly mounted BFGs on Thursday. I don't have a pic of them or even have them on the truck yet as I kept them off to ease the new fuel tank and delivery install. Pretty stoked to finally have these in my possession. Since the Carter fuel pump I ordered back at the end of January keeps getting delayed, I bit the bullet and went with the Precision brand at O'Reilly. Hopefully no issues will arise out of it.

I've long debated getting historic plates for this thing. Even when we first got it running and realized it wasn't going to be a daily driver. At this point in my life, I finally realize it's not going to be driven over the 1,000 mile yearly limit the plates impose. I've already got antique insurance on it, so I might as well fully commit. I found two separate sets of Missouri '72 plates on eBay in pretty good condition. I lucked out in that Missouri started issuing two plates in '72 and would be a requirement now (from info I've found and discussion with the DOT). I bought both sets to ensure the number availability once I finally get this truck back on the road and inspected. Both numbers were available at the time I bought them, so I'm hedging my bets that at least one will still be good when I'm ready. Looks like I can get them permanently registered for about $25-50, which would prevent needing to get renewals every two years.
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