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Re: '72 Cheyenne K10

I got the transmission and transfer case installed today. Column shifter, speedo cable, rear driveline are all hooked up. Fill tube and kickdown cable are installed. I need to hook up the transmission cooler lines (I have some found conflicting info on which line goes to which fitting on the radiator). And I still have to fill up the fluids.

But my main obstacle is that the twin stick shifters do not line up with the factory hole in the floor. They need to be forward and right of where they are. The website said GM NP205, but it wasn't specific about compatibility with a '72. I'm guessing it is designed for '73 up. I hope I can find a fabricator to help me modify these stainless shifters to make it work. I have it stuck in RWD HIGH without any shifter for now. At least I will be able to drive it.

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