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Re: “Castro” my new 72 build

Originally Posted by C101972 View Post
You are making great progress which you are going to have a beautiful truck!! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your truck! I wish mine was that far. Do you have any extra parts to sell? Thanks
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Thanks bro, no most parts have been used or sold already. What are you looking for?

Castro- 72 SWB. Ochre and White. 496/400 turbo, GV OD ,Dakota Digital dash , tilt, Vintage Air, PS, hydro boost, factory buckets, console, QA-1 Coil over suspension, 20/20"Coys

72 SWB. Med blue. 454/400 turbo, tach, tilt, Stock AC, PS,PDB, factory buckets, console, ECE 4/6 drop w/ 2" blocks and C-notch, 20/20"Coys- Crashed and destroyed by drunk driver Sept 2019. New 72 build in the works.

My new build thread "Castro"

My old build thread, the blue truck
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