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07 Dodge Bucket Seat Install

After some head scratching as to how to bolt these things down without butchering my cab, I decided to use 1 1/2 X 1/8 angle iron for the floor frame and the same to bolt to the seat slide rails to bolt to the floor frame, I used almost 20 ft of the angle and about 2 ft of 1 1/2 X 3/16 flat steel, the angle cost me $18 and the flat I had laying around.
From this point I will refer to the center seat/console as the jump seat.

Step 1 - Separate the seats which was easy since they both just bolt to the jump seat.

Step 2 - Separate each seat from the slide rails, 4 nuts each.

Step 3 - Remove the mounting feet from the slide rails. These were riveted on, no problem I just center punched the rivets, drilled with 3/16 bit, then again with 3/8 and knocked out the rivets.

Step 4 - Measure across the slide rails, mine were 15 1/2", and cut 4 pieces of angle that length, now drill a hole in each end of the angle to line up with the mounting holes in the slider rails, you will have to figure out later which mounting holes you need to use depending on where everything lines up.
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