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TriPlus 60-66 Radiator Core Support

The original core support to my truck rusted out so bad that the entire bottom section on the passenger side completely broke off. I picked up another original support, but that one was rusty too, so for the sake of time, I decided to take a gamble on an aftermarket part. Well, I'm glad I did. I went to Auto Metal Direct's warehouse in Gainesville, GA to save on the shipping costs.

I would give this core support a 9.5 out of 10. In terms of fit, it fit perfectly with my original inside fenders, outside fenders, and grille support panel. Every single bolt hole lined up without having to whaller out any holes both on the new core support and all the other original metal.

My only complaints is that the core support was not drilled for the voltage regulator and horn relay, the top two welded nuts for the upper radiator mount were not installed, and the bolts that go from the outside fender to the side of the core support ended up being coarse thread instead of the fine thread that I pulled off the original support.

I'll buy another one if there's extensive rust repair needed for whatever next truck I decide to get.
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