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63-72 Adjustable Track Bar

To discuss this topic go here- LINK

I was looking at buying a new adjustable track bar, but it's such a simple thing, I figured I could make one. I wanted a simple design that wouldn't take any real fabrication skills. After a while, an idea came to me, I took some measurements, investigated the available parts, figured out how to do the threads, etc. and put it together.

It's very easy. I bought a pair of Edelbrock tie rod adjustment sleeves, because I thought they look cool and are stronger than the OEM version. I figure OEM would work just fine also, you trust your front end with it everyday under much more stress than a track bar. The original truck ones will work, but so will most GM cars and several other makes to. They have 5/8" -18 threads I think. I cut my bar in half, cut about 1" out of it and brought it to the local machine shop for him to cut the threads into. I brought him the locking nuts to ensure a good fit. Then you just assemble it like a tie rod and install it as before. New bushings are a good idea while it's out. All that's left to do is adjust it in or out to center the axle. It took a few minutes to install and adjust. Using an OEM style adjuster would cost about $7. The machining was $20. I bought the Edelbrock adjusters from Summit for about $35 for a pair, so I can make another one for my Blazer project.

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