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Distributor SBC 350??1

I have a billet aluminum body high spark HEI distributor in my 60 Burb with the SBC 350 in it. It's just a street engine and only go cruising and such. Probably just under 350hp. I paid about $70 for the distributor when I put the engine together and dropped it in about 4 yrs ago. I'm now dealing with no spark. I have yet to check the voltage wire going to the coil, but will double check that for maybe ignition switch or short before I order.

I put an ignition module in at the tune of $33 because everyone kept saying that is most likely culprit. I'm now leaning towards the secondary pickup coil being the issue as she just dies soon after starting and what I've recently found points to that. I called speedway and they suggested for $70 to buy one of their distributors and use other for parts. I inquired about the MSD, but he said not necessary on a street engine.

I've had others say they see difference in MSD on their street cars, so what gives? Save the money and buy the $70 one or go with MSD or something else? Want to get her back on the road!
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Re: Distributor SBC 350??1

I'm running a MSD pro billet and an old style 6AL box on my stock Vortec 350. It was left over from a previous hopped up 383 I had. Don't know about performance compared to a regular HEI but it runs good and hasn't caused any problems.
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Re: Distributor SBC 350??1

I have about 5 Skip White distributors and love them. They are all getting old now so I don't know if he still sells the same type. I like buying from Speedway too. I would take my chances on a new one and keep your old one as a spare.
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