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Help with figuring out witing on nos vintage Mallory distributor 1966 c20 v8 a/c cust

Having a problem figuring out wiring on 1966 C20 Factory V8 283 Four Seasons AC Delux heater Deluxe wipers pretty much fully loaded had a 1971 long block truck motor 350 put in in 71 from previous owner the pink wire coming out of the harness has been cut taped off right at the harness that goes forward to your relay. It had a resistor put on the firewall and I believe the guy I got it from who owned it for maybe six months put a electronic ignition and then took it off before he posted it but I don't want to blow the module in the Mallory ignition that I got it's a NOS from the 70s brand new never installed and there's two wires coming out of one side and another wire going into the resistor now I've heard to put two resistors on it one like normal and then one just from your red wire to your distributor I don't know if this is good or not asking opinions or would it be easier to just start from scratch with this electronic distributor it's a model 474-8201 I believe it's Mallory unilite model if I need to get a Mallory coil I have access to someone who has a bunch of old racing stuff but I have a brand new Factory coil but if that's going to make it any more difficult or cause any problems I'd rather just get one from him he's got the Chrome ones he's got the boxes he's got the high fire Highwire whatever they are, he's got tons of stuff but it's me could let me know what would be the best way I can send pictures or post pictures how the wiring is right now because I'm pretty much ready to just rewire the whole damn truck but it really don't need it it's just somebody did some janky ass job good night Inn and also I needed to know about hooking up my factory tach I got a factory tach from a guy and restored another cluster I need to know about wiring it in. Thanks in advance for any help or expert tutelage.
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1966 c20, factory tach, nos mallory unilite, wiring help, wiring issue

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