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Drum brakes replacement parts?

Ive never done any brake work other than dismantle the ones I have. I had taken this all apart a few years back and saved all the parts thinking to maybe sandblast them but I would think a replacement kit would be a better idea. How can I order the right replacements and rebuild them. And I guess more importantly is this something a newbie can handle you think?
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Re: Drum brakes replacement parts?

You can reuse the springs ,just replace the shoes and wheel cylinders .
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Re: Drum brakes replacement parts?

Yes, certainly a job a newbie can handle. Clean it all up and paint it, throw on some new shoes and wheel cylinders if needed and move on.
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Re: Drum brakes replacement parts?

Do 1 side at a time. That way you can always look at 1 that is still together.
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Re: Drum brakes replacement parts?

Rock Auto has all the replacement parts. Not sure what year you are working on, but here are the numbers for a 1965 C-10 with 11" x 2" rear drum brakes.

Drums: RAYBESTOS 2005R {#102005, 2005, F2005} Professional Grade; Outside Diameter 12.375" / 6 Bolts / Not Finned

Shoes: RAYBESTOS 280PG {#280RP, 280RR} Professional Grade; Organic; 11.00 X 2.00 (Same shoes used on front also)

Wheel Cylinder: ACDELCO 18E1123 {#18E444, 19175652, 89052214} Professional Rear - Right

Wheel Cylinder: ACDELCO 18E1124 {#18E443, 19175653, 89052213} Professional Rear - Left

Hardware Kit: CARLSON H7018 Drum All-In-One Kit

Newbie should be able to do it. Take your time and use you picture above as a reference. Should be plenty of You Tube videos to watch too.

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