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steering colume conversion

hi think it was here that i saw someone tack a gm tilt and remove the ignition switch out and filled the hole. Anyone know where i could find that post Thanks
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Re: steering colume conversion

use the search menu
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Re: steering colume conversion

I did that, but i didnít post any pics or what i did. You have to pretty much disassemble the column to do it. Mine came to me as a late 70ís early 80ís floor shift pickup column. I searched youtube for how to get it apart. Once apart i gutted the steering lock out of it until i had just the external upper cup all by its self. Mine was aluminum so i found a piece of round aluminum shaft and cut it down til it filled the hole in the cup and JB Welded it in. Some careful grinding and sanding a bit of body putty and primer. While i had it apart i replaced both the upper and lower bearings and put lock tight on the knuckle screws so they would stay in. Sorry i didnt take any pics of it during the process.
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Re: steering colume conversion

Unless you want a column shift you need to hunt for a column out of a 4 speed truck or a floor shift car.
Outside of the key switch the column in my 77 1 ton Chevy dualie isn't cluttered with a bunch of junk and lends it's self to being put in an early truck.

the best way to work on the column to get rid of the area the switch sets in is to take the column apart It's not rocket science but if you haven't done a couple it is a real challenge when it comes to putting it back together. If you were close I'd give you one of the clunkers I have out here to play with. I got rid of some of them but still have a few dead tilts laying around.

Otherwise you would have to take the wheel off take the turn signal switch loose and move it out of the way and either take the screw that hold the lock cylinder out or push down the retaining tab on earlier cylinders to pop it out. Then after you take the ignition switch off the column you pull the rod out. You might find a cup freeze plug that will fit in the hole the cylinder came out of tight enough to use as a backer for your filler of choice.

Take a flap wheel to the raised part the switch went in, smooth it down and maybe make a slight dish around the hole and then use the filler of choice to fill the hole and when it hardens work it smooth. Prep the column and paint it.
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Re: steering colume conversion

smoking59 i did a search and did not get anything. Thanks guys for the input
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