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Removing Cab

So I was in the process of starting a blazer tank swap on my '87 swb , and decided while I had the bed already off that it would be as good a time as any to paint my frame and replace my worn out cab bushings. This will be my first cab removal, and I really dont want to just start thrashing away at it without a little knowledge. Whats the best ways that you guys have done this?
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Re: Removing Cab

first off id get the old PB Blaster and start a day or so early and get the cab bushing bolts good and blasted. ZIve dound that using a half inch drive breaker bar on the bolts and turning them a little then screwing them back in some and backing off a couple of turns is the best way to get them out without spinning them other than that im sure others will chime in also make sure you lube the threads a little when replacing the bushings

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Re: Removing Cab

I did a complete body swap several years ago, by myself. I used a cherry picker (engine hoist). I removed the bed using chains in an "x" pattern. Later, I've learned that a thick piece of wood across the bed, under the top rails; also works great. For the cab, seat removed but doors on. I used chains mounted to the rear seat belt holes with thick bolts and washers. For the front chains, I drilled two holes on the fwd sides of the trans tunnel for the bolts. I later patched the holes. The trick here is balance! I connected the hoist about dash level or just above. The front will be heavier than the rear of the cab, so I put weight in the back of the cab. Trial and error, to get it balanced. I've got a photo of it in the air, I'll see if I can find it. It can be done
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Re: Removing Cab

I used my lift to do it. Make sure to undo the chassis grounds and pull the tail light harness from the cab off its retainers. There is also the engine harness that may give you trouble behind the distributor. Just check the harnesses over real good befor you start and keep an eye on them as you are lifting.
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Re: Removing Cab

Hey guys thanks for the tips. Took a trip to the beach over the weekend, so I didnt get a chance to get much accomplished. I just finished pulling the bed and front clip, so maybe I will get to start on the cab sometime this week. Man I wish I had a lift to get this done, but I will be trying the cherry picker method. Thanks again for the replies
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