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Question Rear end help...

I need some help my father is looking for a 8.5 rear end for his 67 chevelle ... he said his measured 60 inches from hub to hub wheel mounting surface that is .... did some of the s10 blazers have a 8.5 about that width? If so what years do I need to strip it from? Thanks in advance...

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Re: Rear end help...

The standard 4x4 S10 rear is 59". Most are 7.5 rear gear. Look for a '96-up loaded 4x4 (NOT ZR2 offroad package...they're 63"). Then look for the axle tubes to flare up a bit bigger right before they enter the pumpkin. That's the 8.5 rear. The common 7.5 rear has axle tubes the same size all the way into the pumpkin.
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Re: Rear end help...

Is he going with ladder bars or a 4 link? Chevelles use trailing arms, the mounts are molded into the center, those aren't on the S-10 axles.
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