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Cadillac Kid
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Recommended ball joints for a 1976 k20 Suburban?

Hello everyone. It took over 2 years of searching but I finally found my dream Suburban, I got it in August of 2019 and sadly I am just now starting to give it the love it needs. (Wasn't being irresponsible! Just couldn't work on it yet) I couldn't be more happy and grateful to have it.

I am going through all of the typical things needed from sitting. I just finished the back brakes and suspension, and soon I will be working on the front. The front suspension is in very good shape and doesn't have any signs of problems, but the original ball joints are old and the rubber boots have shrunk and cracked. I have to replace all of the U-joints anyways so I thought while it is apart I would put in all new ball joints. I did some researching a while ago and there are a lot of options for ball joints on the dana 44 with very mixed reviews. I want something that will last as long as possible and work well for daily driving and light off-roading. What are some good brands nowadays to be looking at? Also, would you get greaseable or sealed ball joints? The ones on there right now are sealed and they have lasted 66,000 miles... I am already dreading tearing into the front end so this is definitely not a job I want to have to do again.
Let me know what you think.

Thanks! Gavin

Here are some pictures just for fun,
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Keep on truckin'
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Old 04-30-2021, 10:10 PM   #2
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Re: Recommended ball joints for a 1976 k20 Suburban?

I would go with ac delco professional myself. moog used to be the go to, but their quality has degraded. they're now china junk.
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Re: Recommended ball joints for a 1976 k20 Suburban?

The genuine dana/spicer stuff is still available
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Re: Recommended ball joints for a 1976 k20 Suburban?

Does Moog have more than one line? Kind of like ACDelco professional versus AC Delco advantage.
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Re: Recommended ball joints for a 1976 k20 Suburban?

Just rebuilt entire front end in my Sub and went with AC Delco Pro series. Like above, Moog isn't what it used to be. Even Spicer isn't great anymore.
Moog has their R series which is their value priced line AKA get you down the road.
There was a lot of reboxing of ujoints few yrs ago. NAPA Pro were Spicers. Federal Mogul, who owns Moog, bought Spicer chassis and that was end of good Spicer ball joints. YTHink they bought out Raybestos chassis line too.
Anyway, enough about that...
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Do yourself a favor while doing inner ujoints, do all bearings/seals while you have it apart.
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ball joints, dana 44, k20, suburban

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