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Exclamation Mild Early Classic Enterprises Warning

Nothing major, but could be if you were to force the issue and ignore it.

Aparently Early Classic is having trouble getting Moog to send the right upper control arm center bar grease seals that go with the upper control arm center bar kit. What I got in my kit were the same seals for both the upper and lower control arm center bars, which had to be WRONG. Moog is accidentally sending the grease seals that belong to the lower control arm center bars with the uppers. If you try to put your upper control arms together you'll stand there scratching your head for 30 minutes trying to figure out how the hell to get that center bar inside the control arm with those HUGE grease seals. I'm telling you if the seals are all the same for upper and lower there's a problem. Don't bother to try and figure it out. Get the part numbers off of the Moog boxes for the upper control arm center bars, and call Early Classic's tech line. They'll send the right ones out for free, and an apology on behalf of Moog.

This was a warning for just C10s, but now it applies to C20s as well.
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