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Old 12-08-2001, 02:10 AM   #1
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Talking LMC kinda long

I Know what everyone will say "LMC, what did you order from them for you idiot" Yeah I learned my lesson. I've had my truck for 4 years now and it's not in bad shape but needs a few things.I never really had done much to it just enough to keep it going around town for haulin stuff. Its more than paid for itself since I've had it and I was gonna sell it but its just to damn cool,even though I get a bit discouraged by its neediness sometimes and the thought that Its gonna rust away someday if i dont get my a$$ in gear for the body work.
Anyway I got some catalogs off the internet to comparison shop and research cost and see what I'm getting into.This is before I knew this site existed and there were devoted drivers and vendors and such an enthusiasm for these trucks.In my town there are some 67-72's but the majority are beaters and work trucks. There are two nice ones that are restored though. I decided to do the suspension front and rear since it was worn out and pretty much nonexistent. I got the parts from LMC, one of those suspension kits that suposedly does "everything". Mistake #1. I should have gotten under the truck first and checked stuff out. All I really needed to do was replace the sprins and ball joints. Well the kit came with tie rod ends and sleeves(****ty) made in taiwan,The idler arm wasn't even the same size as the old one,3/4" off in size.I used a new pittman arm cuz it had a zerk. In the rear the one new u-bolt didn't fit, springs were ****ty.I ended up getting different ones.The only thing worth adamn from that kit was the poly bushings from energy suspension.Basically I threw my money away.I got a boatload of extra crappy parts now, yeah go ahead and laugh, but I got under there and did it myself and learned a lot. So today I finally put my cowl back on after it being off for two months. I got the screens that keep leaves out of the openings so I put those on there then I had picked up a cowl to hood rubber seal since it was missing, also from LMC. That did it, the straw that broke the camels back. The damn holes in the seal didn't even match up to the ones on the truck. I was pissed. ITS a frickin piece of rubber, how hard can it be to make it the right way and have it fit properly. So anyway lesson learned, LMC IS A BIG RIPOFF< PARTS ARE INFERIOR AND CHEAP CHARLIE PIECES OF $HIT.
Does anyone from LMC frequent this board or are they to ashamed of what they sell.Sorry for the lengnth but if people want to put time money and work into their trucks they should get good parts to do it right with.Worst of all I went to their 'STORE" cuz I live about 45 minutes away and they have all these pictures of trucks under their counter of customers trucks, don't get me wrong they are kick ass looking rides but they all can't be happy with LMC's product or service. New members to the board should be warned about them. Buy from someone else and get better stuff. The good news outta all this,my truck does ride alot better even with inferior parts but it was not worth the hassle or the money I spent. I shoulda done it right the first time.

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71 C-10 custom Deluxe
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I already knew they were not exactly what they represent. I also learned the hard way. Wouldn't it be nice if we could revert to the old days and you could duke it out with out fear of a law suit. The "Old South" had a way of dealing with less than honest flim- flam business people.

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I bought some parts from their sister company, Victoria British, for a 72 MGB I used to have. I had the same problems you decribe with them. When I saw LMC was basically another name for the same people, I decided to stay away.


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Old 12-14-2001, 02:02 AM   #4
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to top it all off they charge more than pretty much anywhere else

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