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Thumbs down Mac's Auto Upholstery

Alright fellas here's the deal. Went to Mac's Auto upholstery, as my parents had seen him at the Ventura fair and mom talked to him and he seemed cool and all. I went in about 1.5 months ago and wanted to have my interior done, talked with the girl who does scheduling,orderign and everythign except actually installing.

Well i decided on Ultra Leather in 2 shades, a grey and a black, original pattern on my seats and then to have the door skins done in the black leather as well with the original pattern.
Had to put down a $200 deposit for the materials as the Ultra Leather is pretty costly. Alright had an appt scheduled july 29, fine all good. Well parents drop off the truck last week on the 29th and everything. We were told 1 day and the truck would be done, turns into 2 days, well kept going. Found out the girl measured wrong and didnt buy enough material. Well their shop is 35 miles from my house so on Weds. my parents drive out as she had talked to the girl on tuesday and she said it'd be done in the afternoon and to come down. They drove down and truck aint done and mom found out about the materials fck up. The girl KNEW tuesday and didnt call later that day or on weds. WTF that's mest right there.

Well they ordered more materials and the center part of the seat had a dimple so mom requested that get redone. Ok comes out that the truck was done Today, yes today. They originally quoted me (from the girl) that the job would be no more than $700 including a full rebuild with welding. Turned out when they did the seat found out it was perfect shape and didnt need any rebuilding and it'd be a basic job. The girl said the job would maybe cost $500 then, this was the same day (Weds) they drove up to get the thing.

Parents go up today and the bill was over $900 minus my 200 deposit. well needless to say mom got PIST, and dad wasnt too happy either. My Ma b!tches the owner out for a long while and he cuts the price to like 730 total so my folks paid the other 530.

Anyways the owner had no idea any of the junk was going on that happened as they DONT do any written records, no sales slip, estimate or anything other than what's written in their book.

Well my dad says it looks sharp so that's at least a plus and i'll post pics when my dad takes some to send to me. Just thought i'd share this with ya'll as this company has a supposedly good rep and has been around for 50+ years. I suppose i could be in the minority but i feel real bad for my parents who did all this stuff for me while i was gone.

Ok long story so sorry fellas! Anyone got links out there for someone i can report them to or anything? Thanks much!
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