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Membership Tiers review for posting in classified areas

With the recent addition of new members, the volunteer staff felt a review of the member tiers might be beneficial to some. Subscription information is available in the global announcements at the top of every page of the forums. It is also located at the top main navigation bar by clicking the “subscribe” menu button, or in the user cp under miscellaneous, then paid subscriptions in the left menu.

The member tier system has been in place since 2009. The price of the member tier options has not changed or gone up at all since being introduced. I will begin contacting members that need to change their membership tiers in the near future. You can always do so yourself at any time. If you have questions, please pm me on the forums and ask. We can walk you through any part of it that you may have a question about. The way I explain it to the volunteers is this .. think of it as a classified ad. You have to pay to place an ad (sell) in most places (premium, high octane etc) anyone can answer those adds (registered free membership). If you are wanting a value of something you own(wiw), you need to be a premium member or higher due to abuse of the system. If you are looking at a truck or parts and want to know if it’s a fair market price (wiw) you may post asking in the appropriate year forums. As always staff can edit or remove posts at any time. You can always contact an administrator about those decisions. We are all human and make mistakes. Also, while we are on the subject of classified ads, there was a recent question about WTB. When we had changed to the classified system from forum system, some folks got really upset. At the request of members and staff review, we had changed the parts back to forum ads instead of in the classified section (trucks for sale area). WTB was not moved back, but members posted in the parts areas for WTB as well. There was no way to move said posts from one system to the other, so both were left. It is technically not an issue to post in either (not both) and had never been questioned until recently. I hope this helps clear things up for anyone with questions. I know it is a lengthy post. I tried to keep it as short as possible.

They are as follows:
Registered Member : free
All members registered to the message board.
As a registered member you can-
Post new threads and replies in message areas.
Post replies only in classified areas.
Upload photos to the photo gallery.
50 PM storage after XX Posts
100x100 avatar size

Premium Member: $25 per year, $15/ 6 mo
If you are the "Occasional" seller that is just cleaning out your surplus of parts left over from your build, you will need the Premium Member subscription. This will allow you access to start threads in any of the Classified forums.

As a Premium Member you enjoy all the benefits of a Registered member.
You have the advantage of-
Premium Member banner under name
Bold Blue name color
Access to post in our classified system.
Limited to occasional selling of leftover parts
larger signature
175 PM storage
120x120 size avatar
Upload animated avatars
Upload photos to photo gallery
Upload photos to profile and create albums in profile (personal galleries)
Ability to change user title
Post visitor messages
View who's online
Set self invisible

High Octane Member: $130 per year, $75/ 6 mo, $15/ mo
For our members that like to buy and sell frequently,. This will allow you to take advantage of the growing demand for selling used parts on here as well as Craigslist, eBay or other off site sources.

This is designed specifically for individuals that want to offer primarily used parts, manufacturer small parts, or offer services at an affordable price. It is not to be used for location or internet based businesses that offer parts or services as a primary source of income. The Forum Staff will be available to help determine if you meet the guidelines.
As a High Octane member you enjoy all the benefits of a Premium Member.
This level of support allows members to sell more than leftover parts.
You can sell unlimited used parts or some new parts.
You may advertise your off site listing on eBay, Craigslist, etc
This is not for traditional business vendors.

Vendor account information is available at or you can email or PM Josh or myself on the site to come up with a plan that suits your business needs.

If you have any questions, please post in reply here or feel free to PM and ask. If you want to stomp feet, growl and take it out on your keyboard in a rant.. please take a few minutes break, come back and discuss your concerns in a decent manner.
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Re: Membership Tiers review for posting in classified areas

Please use the following link to reply to this thread as it is cross posted on the site.

Thank you
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