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Anyone Laid Out Their Frame Themselves

Just Wondering If Anyone Has Laid Their Frame On Its Rails Building Their Own Step notch Of Buying n Fabbed Parts Instead Of Buying The Level 3 kits. I can Weld and See you Can Buy Bag Mounts n
4-link/Panhard Bar Pieces
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Re: Anyone Laid Out Their Frame Themselves

I have all Porterbuilt and while I can weld and fab parts, seeing the products first hand, Iím hesitant to try and do it myself.

I think fabbing the rear shouldnít be a difficult process.

The front, however, takes some skill. What I mean is that I have seen some homemade dropmembers and Zíd Frames where the wheels have serious negative camber when laying frame. While that may be no big deal to some, I think thatís what separates the pricey fabbed parts. Next time youíre at a show or meet, pay attention to the trucks laying frame and the wheel positions.

I have never rode in a homemade, lay frame, bagged truck, but the ride quality of the Porterbuilt stuff is unbelievably smooth. They are pricey, but you get what you pay for.

In the end, if you trust your welds and fab skills, go for it. Iím sure Porterbuilt and GSI all started with building their own stuff because they wanted to lay frame and not buy a fabbed kit.
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Re: Anyone Laid Out Their Frame Themselves

Check the suspension section most have built there own setup.
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