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1999 Silverado X-Cab Bodywork Question

Previous owner put a dent just behind driver's door by kicking it in. Has anyone taken out the back seat and the panel in these trucks? Can you access the outer skin from inside by removing the seat etc. I have taken off the side trim piece and straightened it out as well as removed the adhesive. Even tried the youtube "plunger" fix to no avail. Any help greatly appreciated.
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Re: 1999 Silverado X-Cab Bodywork Question

I just rebuilt a couple months ago a 99GMC Z71 3 door. I removed the whole INT and most of the dash to get out the headliner wiring for some reason it was on the wrong side of a bracket. Either that one was wrong or they found the mistake cause I didnt have to take any other year that far to get out the headliner. But to answer your question, yes there is a big open spot from say 8 inches below the quarter window to almost the floor where you can in there and bang around if needed. My truck had a little more damage to the quarter than I wanted to deal with so I replaced the whole panel with a new OE. Surprisingly they had some in Lansing MI being a one year only part I figured no chance but I ordered one and it got lost and they reordered I got a couple days later. And it wasn't very expensive like $328 or something like that. Good luck with yours. Jim
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