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I'm confused as to why people that pretty much only sell on here don't have to step up and pay the little bit extra to use this place as their personal classifieds.

Its nice to have the parts available to be purchased, but are they going to take their parts someplace else if they have to pay a little more? Its a weird damned if you damned if you don't when it comes to asking sellers to step up.

Or if you don't want to step up how bout some consolidation instead of hogging up the front page?
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Re: Sellers?

I appreciate this post. I have a list of folks i need to contact and have this discussion with. I put it on the to do after catching up the registrations back log and answering the email backlog. Fair is fair. Maybe some will step up before i get to sit down and contact them this week.

The why.. imho is some honestly don't realize it and others simply take advantage. I had someone recently bring up the “hundreds of dollars” they spend to sell. They also know that there isn’t anywhere else to sell to a targeted audience for as little as is charged here. Some appreciate what Josh has offered to them and others don’t. I pay more in ebay fees for my non niche sales than this site charges by far.

Thank you for bringing this up for those who may have the same question.
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