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What do you all think, 4" or 6" lift? 72 k20

I need to replace the springs on my 72 k20, the previous owner put one odd ball front spring on it at some point, and the truck drives really weird. With that being said, I've been looking at 4" lift's, but recently I've been thinking of going with a 6". I also have been going back and fourth on using super swamper skinny tsl's (34x9.0x16), or going with the sta super lugs (900-16). I have also been looking at the super swamper bigger ltb's (35x12.5x16). I had my heart set on the 4" with the super swamper skinny's, but then I found the sta superlugs and really like the look. My concern is the sta's will be a bit too much for a 4" lift. I plan on driving the crap out of the truck, on and off road, so I want something that will ride relatively decent, which makes me lean towards the 4" more. Any input you have will be appreciated. I will also state that although I love the look of stock height trucks, this one is getting lifted at least 4". Thank you.
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Re: What do you all think, 4" or 6" lift? 72 k20

Here is what I did when I restored my 67 F-100. I went with Skyjacker 4" suspension lift then added a 2" body lift. I did have to cut and fabricate the front bumper mounting points up by 2" to make it all look right. I never had an issue and it rode fantastic. On 35" BFG tires.
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All about them Ks

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Re: What do you all think, 4" or 6" lift? 72 k20

If your plan is to off-road it frequently with 35/12.5’s I would run a 6”’kit. They will clear with 4” but you won’t be able to articulate the suspension very much without rubbing. You can let skyjacker and toughcountry both in EZ rides. Alcan will custom build you a set of stock riding lift springs for a little more.
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Re: What do you all think, 4" or 6" lift? 72 k20

I installed a 4" lift last year and love it. I didn't have to change anything mechanically and I have no rubbing, not even close to rubbing on my particular truck.
I was really worried before I ordered because it seemed like it was 50/50 people saying that the tires rubbed with a 4 inch lift, then some saying they had no problems. I was pleasantly surprised when I got everything on and saw how much room I still had.
I could be wrong but from what I read if you go past 4" you have to possibly start changing a bunch of stuff. I could be very wrong though but that was the consensus from all I researched. It will look great either way you go. It was a different truck the first time I drove mine after it was put on.
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Re: What do you all think, 4" or 6" lift? 72 k20

I think the amount of lift depends on the use of the truck, and how old you are. My last K20 had 33 12.5 16.5 (radial type swampers) with a 4 inch lift. Looked good, rode fine, but for an old dude (61), hopping in and out was a pain.
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