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mid rise scissor lift - squarebody

Has enyone ever used a twin scissor lift on a squarebody ? This style :

The actual lifting points on these twin scissor lifts are some blocks appropriately placed on the platforms so as to engage the lift point on the vehicle. I see a problem in that the platforms can be set to a minimum 40" inside-inside but squarebody (and earlier trucks?) frames are about 34" outside.
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81 short step.
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Re: mid rise scissor lift - squarebody

Nothing some 4x4 1/4 wall box tube couldn't fix.
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Re: mid rise scissor lift - squarebody

if the weight of the vehicle can not be somewhat centered over the ramps / hydraulic scissors ,what will happen is as you raise the vehicle the 2 hydraulic scissors and ramps will start leaning towards each other and as you rise higher the lean angle will progress making it very unstable . this is the inherited design of a scissor lift, most if not all the weight must be under the scissor , even if you were to build a cross section between the 2 ramps the leaning would still occur ,but you might get 6-8 inches of lift before the leaning will start to occur .
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