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GMCNUT ... Please, pretty please?

January 18th Paid in full for a center set of dark green seat belts. He wanted to be paid by Walmart money transfer. I sent him a pic of the receipt.

He responded right away .. Said he would head down and grab it in a bit. Then came back and said he'd to have to fetch tomorrow ... Late supper.

No problem with me.

Feb 5th ... Have you sent the belt yet?

Feb 13th ... Almost one month with zero communication. Please let me know whats up.

So sorry ... Long answer, and then, Ill get it sent out on Tuesday after the holiday.

Sounds good thanks!

March 18th ..Its been two months since I paid, not sure whats happening ... Please refund my money fifty bucks plus the four dollar Walmart charge.

Very long answer part of which was ... Remind me what is was you bought again ... More long answer. Then a picture of a USPS box side view, no info on it. And a I remember its been sitting in this box on the corner of my desk ready to ship. More long answer and I need your info so I can send it.

I told him my info was already a part of this text thread.

He'll send tracking shortly, but cant find my info. I copy and pasted my original text with my name and info.

Next he said he doesnt think he ever went to get the money. He would see if he could find the receipt. I sent him another picture of the receipt. Regardless the seat belt would be going out.

He sent me a pic of the box with a label and my info on it.

More banter from him (he really does seem like a decent fella, just a lot of stuff going on?? I dunno.).

March 29 ... I get the package, with only half the seat belt. I sent him a pic of the ad which shows both sections. Sent him a text and a pic explaining I only got half.

His response ... Damn I may have screwed up ... more text from him and I replied OK.

April 5th ... I found the other half and boxed it up, resend your info. I sent him the pic of the label he sent me with all my info.

April 26 ... Its been 21 days since you were going to send the other half.

May 15 ... Its now been 40 days since you were going to send the other half of the seat belt I paid for on Jan 18 (118 days). Please send me a full refund if you arent going to send the belt.

May 23 .... I look him up on the board and see he's active so I send him a PM . BTW Im never rude with him and he isnt with me, so basically Im really confused how this is going on.

May 30 ... Still nothing
… … … … … … … … ... … … … … … … … … … … …

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