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Originally Posted by Andy4639 View Post
OK LocDoc,

I got both the board & the new tach from Brother's today.

I fixed the old tach and I think it's good to go. Continuity test was good. I hope I fixed it. I ended up pulling both the old wires off and soldering the new wires back in place it wasn't hard at all. The hardest part was getting the old studs out of the old board! After that it was a piece of cake. Hopefully sometime this weekend I will test it out. If I get time I plan to install the speed warning speedometer also. I need a pass through hook up for it though first.
In the last picture you can see where the wire connector sticks out the side. I just pulled the wire loose and re-solder the new wire in place. Did the same with the black wire.

Looks good Andy. Let us know how you come out with it when you have a chance to test it. We are finally suppose to have some decent weather next week. Maybe I can get mine installed then.


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