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Re: drum to disc brake conversion

Originally Posted by lolife99 View Post
Lots of info here.

Sounds like you have a 67-70 frame.
Without pics itís hard to tell.
If thereís no indent behind the steering box it a 67 frame.
If there is itís a 68-70 frame.
These trucks are old.
Lots of parts have been changed.
Please post several pics of your suspension.
Steel brake lines connect to the rubber hose behind the crossmember on 67-69 trucks..
In front of the crossmember on 71-72 truck.

Iíve been preaching ď63-70 conversion spindlesĒ for many years now.
Iím not sure why this info is not getting out.
Thereís no need to use 71-72 or 73-87 spindles.

These conversion spindles are the same price and require no balljoints or tie rod changes.
Buy from places like Summit Racing that offer free shipping.
I like ECE ( for 67-72 parts.
But wilwood, mcgaughys, western chassis, belltech, and even CPP make good spindles.
Hope this helps.

Get the word out to use Conversion spindles!
Thanks for the reply lolife99 I will try to get some pics tom. it is currently 14 degrees and about 6" of snow out here now and dark lol I do not have a garage but do have a carport I am working on the truck under. I would much rather buy the correct year model conversion spindles to start with that is why I have put it off for so long now doing my research.
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