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Re: 1968 C20 Build

It's -30 Celcius here today, which I understand is about -22 F, so pretty cold.

Doing a few little things, painted up my oil bath air cleaner. At some point I'd like to take the front clip off and do some more engine bay detailing and painting, but I think I should have some new fenders before I get into that.

Also pictured is the "new" lower thermostat housing that I got off ebay, which are apparently rarer than hens teeth. Also have new water pump, new upper thermostat housing, new upper rad and bypass hoses, new fuel line, and new (rebuilt) carb. Thing runs pretty great now. Also stole the brand new spark plug wires off of the 67 GMC parts pile.

Given the temps up here in Canada I think the next step is to see if this heater works. Looks like most of the ductwork is missing. Also the windshield has a silver dollar-sized hole in it. I still have some work to do. I really can't wait to take this thing to the car wash, open the doors and spray every inch of it.
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